Working with Avital has been a wonderful and life changing experience. Her warm and inviting presence allowed me to make sense of my thought processes and feelings. Every session left me feeling calm and re-energized and made me look forward to taking up new and exciting challenges.
- Maud

Avital was of great help to me as a new business owner. She offered much insight and thought provoking perspective. We dove deep into every aspect of my new business and even covered areas I hadn't anticipated. Her thorough and methodical analysis helped me to develop a clear vision that in turn allowed the creation of a strategic timeline. Her kind and attentive disposition really helped when things felt heavy, which they do when you’re a first time business startup.
- Breean Brasile, Founder and CEO, Bubae 

Working with Avital has far exceeded my expectations. I approached her because I was keen to grow my business. What I thought would be strictly business turned out to also be an exploration of my personal life, which I didn't know could be what was holding me back. She is patient, attentive, caring and compassionate. Her attention to detail is undeniable. She has a way of knowing exactly what to focus on to get to the heart of the matter. Since working with Avital, I feel more motivated and sure about what I am doing. I am much more confident and my business is flourishing as a result!
- Natalie Levy, Executive, Mentor & Educator, Young Living 

Avital helped me in many ways and I am so very grateful. She created an honest and safe environment where I could be myself and express my emotions without feeling guilty or judged. I have a much better understanding about what I was struggling with and why, and can move forward now that I am in touch with what I value most in life. Avital, thank you for being a positive force in my life.
- Chris Blok, Veterinary Student

Working with Avital was such a rewarding experience. She gave me the support I was looking for and created the space I needed to identify what is most important to me. The work we did helped me to pinpoint where I want to focus my time and energy. It clarified what is my focus versus what is something I feel obligated to prioritize based on someone else's expectations of me. 
- Lisa