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I help women remember just how powerful they really are.  


Avital Shernoff

On a mission to propel women to the top and inspire future generations to lead, with authenticity and grace

Prior to becoming a coach, I was a lead strategist in the creative industry developing successful brands. Now I develop successful leaders.

I coach ambitious women who have a burning desire to play big and make an impact. My clients are creative and talented, and sometimes forget how brilliant they really are. 

Together we create a space of trust, commitment and vision. While my clients discover more about themselves and their possibilities, I help them unlock their greatest potential.

The results are clear and inspiring. My clients gain self confidence, and find the courage to make empowered decisions. They experience a greater sense of freedom to express their unique voice, and create an authentic and meaningful life, brilliantly tailored to them. 

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Individual Coaching

My clients are international and range from executives to entrepreneurs to students to talented and driven mothers. I help them uncover hidden blocks and create movement in their lives; away from listening to the voice of self-doubt and fear, and instead listening to the voice of calm and wisdom; away from worrying about what others think, and instead focusing on their own fulfillment.


Delivering programs to create leaders with holistic perspective. Participants go forward with new ways to galvanize teams around them and develop leadership in others. They connect more deeply to the role relationships play in achieving their goals. They acquire tools for looking at systems and processes that don’t work, and techniques for rethinking them. They bring big ambition to problem solving, have greater power to persuade, and strategies to navigate through conflict. They leverage the power of their own authenticity.



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I started working with Avi at a time when I was feeling stuck in my head, exhausted, and in need of a kick-start. I can’t describe what her magic is, but she held a space for me to sift my way through and out of the fog. Today I feel more energized, powerful, productive - and frankly - happier than I have in recent memory. Avi is part mirror, part guru, part lightning rod. With her coaching, I found nuggets of wisdom that will stay with me the rest of my life. I am a better leader and person because of her. If you’re even considering working with Avi, my best advice is not to hesitate.

- Bree Groff, CEO, NOBL

Avital, THANK YOU for your warm heart, soul and words. You were patient, gentle with your words and gave me the space I needed to process and digest my thoughts. You also share information in a way that was easy for me to understand. Working with you brought me an immense amount of self-awareness. I cannot even begin to tell you. I am so much more open now and can accept others for who they are. I have also become more aware of my voice, and am still working on what it's like to actually use it. 

- Liat, Creative Stylist & Artist

I have had the pleasure to have Avital as my coach for the last 3 months. When we started I had so many ideas I wanted to work on that I found it hard to start anything. Working with Avital was like igniting my engine. I started the journey, with a clear goal. I needed to accept not the whole route was defined yet and instead I started driving which brought me closer to what I want. She held the space for me to create focus and clarity. Thanks to her commitment and intuition, I feel grounded and motivated to take action! All this with the fun that goes with it! Thank you Avital."

- Ilse Noppen, True North Consulting

Working with Avital has been a wonderful and life changing experience. Her warm and inviting presence allowed me to make sense of my thoughts and feelings. Every session left me feeling calm and re-energized and made me look forward to taking up new and exciting challenges.

- Maud

Avital was of great help to me as a new business owner. She offered much insight and thought provoking perspective. We dove deep into every aspect of my new business and even covered areas I hadn't anticipated. Her thorough and methodical analysis helped me to develop a clear vision that in turn allowed the creation of a strategic timeline. Her kind and attentive disposition really helped when things felt heavy, which they do when you’re a first time business startup.

- Breean Brasile, Founder and CEO, Bubae

Working with Avital has far exceeded my expectations. I approached her because I was keen to grow my business. What I thought would be strictly business turned out to also be an exploration of my personal life, which I didn't know could be what was holding me back. She is patient, attentive, caring and compassionate. Her attention to detail is undeniable. She has a way of knowing exactly what to focus on to get to the heart of the matter. Since working with Avital, I feel more motivated and sure about what I am doing. I am much more confident and my business is flourishing as a result!

- Natalie Levy, Executive, Mentor & Educator, Young Living

Avital helped me in many ways and I am so very grateful. She created an honest and safe environment where I could be myself and express my emotions without feeling guilty or judged. I have a much better understanding about what I was struggling with and why, and can move forward now that I am in touch with what I value most in life. Avital, thank you for being a positive force in my life.

- Chris Blok, Veterinary Student

Working with Avital was such a rewarding experience. She gave me the support I was looking for and created the space I needed to identify what is most important to me. The work we did helped me to pinpoint where I want to focus my time and energy. It clarified what is my focus versus what is something I feel obligated to prioritize based on someone else's expectations of me.

- Lisa


My Story

I was a high flying, driven Brand Strategist working in one of the most well-respected design studios in the world, managing million dollar budgets, leading creative teams and delivering award winning work. I was making my way to the top, and fast.


But there was one MAJOR problem. I wasn’t happy.

So I did what any crazy person would do and walked away from the career I spent over 15 years building. I hired a coach to help me through this messy, emotional process and the work we did changed my life in the most profound way possible. At some point I realized I wanted to have the same impact on others that my coach had on me. That combined with my love for people and a dream to have my own business inspired me to go for it. I enrolled in the most reputable coaching program I could find and never looked back.