Avital Shernoff

I'm a professional coach and life strategist. I help people lead powerful and fulfilling personal and professional lives. My clients are international and range from executives to entrepreneurs to students to talented and driven mothers. We work together to create a space of trust, commitment, and vision where they reconnect to the essence of who they are and discover more about themselves and their possibilities. I help them uncover hidden blocks and create movement in their lives; away from listening to the voice of self-doubt and fear, and instead listening to the voice of calm and wisdom; away from worrying about what others think, and instead focusing on their own fulfillment.

The results are clear and inspiring: they tap into their greatest potential and often achieve goals they once deemed impossible. My clients gain immense self confidence, and find the courage to make empowered decisions. They experience a greater sense of freedom to express their unique voice, and create an authentic and meaningful life, brilliantly tailored to them.